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Troglodytes Beware -- Knowing how to Turn on your PC is not Enough!

More than one lawyer has (in some cases, proudly) stood up in a courtroom or announced in another public forum that computer-related tasks are beyond her and received sympathetic smiles or glances in response. No more. Recent ethics opinions and revisions to the comments to the Rules of Professional Conduct in at least two states suggest that such a statement may be argued to be an admission of incompetence, and that lawyers need to understand the use of technology in their practice — or enlist the services of someone who does.  More ›

The Risks of Using Public Wi-Fi

Model Rule of Professional Conduct 1.6 requires lawyers to use reasonable means to protect client confidences in electronic communications. Lawyers often choose to use secure or encrypted networks for client communications. But how secure are the Wi-Fi networks at your local coffee shop? Much has been written lately about the dangers of public Wi-Fi use. However, many may not realize how dangerous the use of public Wi-Fi can be to your own privacy and personal security. My firm's deputy general counsel and communication security partner, Steve Puiszis, found this short article describing how a hacker can readily capture information sent via public Wi-Fi. For a hacker, it's almost as easy as child's play. Steve recommended that we all take a minute to read this eye opening article and send it to others who use public Wi Fi. More ›

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