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The Do's and Don’ts of Waivers

Obtaining waivers is often essential to bringing in work, maintaining peaceful relationships with your clients and past clients, and avoiding lawsuits and disciplinary proceedings. Knowing a waiver is required is half the battle, though. What are the steps to obtaining a waiver and ensuring that it's sufficiently documented to protect all involved? More ›

LFP Alert — Insurer Ordered to Produce Communications With its Counsel Regarding Settlement of Bad Faith Claim, Which Led to Legal Malpractice Action Against Defense Counsel

Imperial Fire & Cas. Ins. Co. v. Warman, U.S. Dist Ct., N.D.Okla., 2014 WL 3671327 (2014)

In a legal malpractice action filed by an insurer against defense counsel it retained to defend an underlying auto accident case, which then led to a bad faith claim against the insurer which was settled, the district court ordered the insurer to produce all communications with its attorneys regarding the bad faith case, finding that the insurer placed such communications at issue by suing defense counsel for malpractice.  More ›

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