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You've been beefed to the bar for no good reason — Now What?!

You receive word from The Bar that you've been accused of wrongdoing by your ungrateful, unreasonable client or some crazy member of the public, and The Bar wants your response to the accusations. If your first reaction is anger and outrage, you would not be the first lawyer to react that way. But here's the point: Don't respond to charges of unprofessional conduct with conduct that is unprofessional!  In other words, there are places to vent your anger and outrage, but your response to The Bar isn't one of them. Consider these two points. More ›

Wisconsin Supreme Court Denies Petition to Inform Public of Disciplinary Investigations

On June 24, 2014, the Wisconsin Supreme Court considered a petition from the state's Office of Lawyer Regulation ("OLR") to create a rule that would have permitted the OLR to disclose the existence of a formal investigation into an attorney's possible misconduct or medical incapacity when such disclosure is required to protect the public. At present Wisconsin Supreme Court Rule 22.40 requires the OLR to maintain the confidentiality of pending disciplinary investigations.

According to the OLR, a small number of grievances involve a situation where the subject lawyer's continued practice, in the OLR's opinion, presents a possibility of harm to unsuspecting individuals. Of course, the issue here is the delicate balance between the public's right to promptly be informed of attorney misconduct and the accused attorney's right to protection from disclosure of non-meritorious grievances.

After a full discussion of the issue, the Court ultimately denied the petition on a 4-3 vote. With two of seven members of the Court in favor of permitting amendments to the suggested rule, and one voting against denial of the current petition, this possible change is only mostly dead.

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