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Seventh Circuit Warns: “When in Doubt, Disclose.”

The Seventh Circuit sends a message to the bar regarding potential conflicts of interest in a class action matter, reaching an issue raised for the first time on appeal: “when in doubt, disclose.” More ›

AMEX Judge Rejects Class Settlement and Class Counsel's Fee Motion

Last week, the New York federal judge in the AMEX antitrust class action litigation rejected the Class Plaintiffs' Motion for Final Approval of the Class Settlement Agreement with AMEX, stating that the conduct of co-lead Plaintiffs' Class Counsel F, "smacks of blatant collusion." More ›

“The Supremes made me do it” — Can you really get sanctioned for being candid with the Court by advising the case is moot based upon an unaccepted offer of judgment you filed?

"A motion for sanctions!?  How can they do that!?  All I did was try to advance my case, be candid with the court, and file an offer of judgment as evidentiary support. . . . "   More ›

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