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Filomena Meyer is a litigator who handles cases in a wide variety of areas, including business and commercial litigation, coverage and bad faith …

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Contingency Fee Dispute Results in Double-Damage Award Under Connecticut's Revised Wage-Dispute Statute

Robert Healey v. The Haymond Law Firm, PC, HHD-13-CV-6042956-S (Hartford, Connecticut, October 29, 2015) showcases the risk posed when there is no proper documentation of a fee-splitting arrangement, as well as untimely payment. Firms should pay scrupulous attention to the documentation of all such arrangements and to their pay practices as a result of such arrangements. While there may be a safe harbor defense in jurisdictions like Connecticut if the employer can establish it had a good faith belief that the wages were paid in compliance with the law, this may not always be the case More ›

Mining the Social Media Treasure Trove

It would be a platitude, of course, to observe that the advent of social media coupled with advances in electronic technology have revolutionized interpersonal communications. People no longer write letters, they send "wall-to-wall" messages; they no longer write in diaries, they blog or post status updates; they no longer keep photo albums, they upload photos into Instagram or videos on Youtube; they no longer hand out business cards, they "follow" people on Twitter or extend "friend requests" on Facebook. Through social networking sites ("SNS") like Facebook, MySpace, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and micro-blogging sites like Twitter, people have taken to recording and uploading every thought, every activity, every place ever visited and even every meal ever taken into cyberspace. More ›

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