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Caroline Mondschean focuses her practice in professional liability litigation and appellate work, including the defense of attorneys, trustees …

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Bye-Bye Boilerplate Objections

So many practitioners respond to discovery demands by asserting objections and then respond ‘subject to’ or ‘without waiving’ their objections. This "belt and suspenders" approach is common practice and seemingly appropriate, right? Many federal courts disagree. In fact, conditional objections may result in waiver, the unwanted production of documents, or sanctions. More ›

Illinois Joins 4 States in Adopting Federal Rule of Evidence 502(d)

In 2013, Illinois joined Arizona, Indiana, Iowa and Washington in adopting paragraph d of Federal Rule of Evidence (FRE) 502 which protects disclosure of privileged information, if made pursuant to a court order, from operating as a waiver in any other proceeding. More ›

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