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Aji Abiedu is a civil litigation attorney representing clients in a variety of litigation matters. Her practice is divided between, professional …

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Professional Responsibility Abroad: Your Rules Follow You

A California litigation attorney recently asked me if he could represent his American friend living in France. French law can be divided into two main categories, droit privé (private law) and droit public (public law). The matter involved a private contractual dispute with a French corporation. The attorney was not concerned about whether he would be in violation of French law by representing his friend without having the requisite qualifications to practice law in France, but rather he was inquiring as to whether he would be in violation of California law by representing a friend living in a foreign jurisdiction. Both the California Rules of Professional Conduct and the American Bar Association Model Rules provide guidance on this issue. However, this article will focus on the American Bar Association Model Rules. More ›

How First Year Legal Malpractice Attorneys Impress Their "Clients"

Legal malpractice litigation is complex, especially for first-year associates who have never practiced before. Not only do associates have to figure out the mechanics of a malpractice case, they also have to understand the law and facts at issue in the client’s underlying matter — which usually involves an area of practice with which the associate has no prior experience.  And the clients can be difficult to manage — after all, they are lawyers.  More ›

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