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As a professional liability defense litigator, Adam Vaught defends attorneys and law firms in a variety of claims including malpractice, breach of …

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Trees Grow Back — Paper your File

Papering your file (or PDFing an electronic file) is an important, if underappreciated, method to protect both you and your clients. Regular memos to a file will help cut down time necessary to analyze a new development in your case, ensure a colleague can take over a file if something happens to you, and could protect you against a malpractice claim in the future.  More ›

LFP Alert — Under Dual Representation Doctrine, Attorney-Client Privilege Generally Does Not Apply to Communications Related to Matters on Which the Attorney Represents Both Clients

Bill Daily and Cardiothoracic Surgery Associates v. Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale, P.C., 2014 IL App (5th) 130273-U.

An Illinois appellate court found that the dual representation doctrine (or the common representation exception to the attorney-client privilege) applied with respect to the production of a law firm's file. More ›

Use of Profanity Lands Litigant in Jail

Every litigator has suffered through a long court call. Sometimes your case is simply set for the end of a call and you have to wait it out. Worse, you get stuck behind a case with lawyers doing their best Lincoln-Douglas impression. And in this age of continued decreases in court funding, delays are becoming more commonplace for other reasons. No matter the cause of a delay, it can be frustrating. But that frustration rarely lands you in jail. More ›

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