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What you Need to know about HIPAA Phase II Audit Program

Professionals may be subject to HIPAA due to the nature of their practice. Recently, the Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights announced that it has implemented its HIPAA Phase II Audit Program, and Hinshaw's Health Care Law Group has issued an alert about what you need to know about this program. Click here for the full alert.

Trees Grow Back — Paper your File

Papering your file (or PDFing an electronic file) is an important, if underappreciated, method to protect both you and your clients. Regular memos to a file will help cut down time necessary to analyze a new development in your case, ensure a colleague can take over a file if something happens to you, and could protect you against a malpractice claim in the future.  More ›

Florida Issues Ethics Guidance for Accountants Advising Marijuana Businesses

The Florida Board of Accountancy recently joined a small group of states in issuing guidance on whether providing accounting services to a marijuana-related business violates an accountant's ethical requirements. The Board issued a declaratory statement advising that the provision of accounting services to a marijuana-related business in a state where such businesses have been legalized by the state does not, in and of itself, constitute a lack of good moral character. More ›

A Federal Judge said some Really Nasty and Unfair Things about me — Can I Appeal?

What standards apply in the federal circuit courts to appeal a finding that a lawyer acted improperly? More ›

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