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The Collection Gamble

Suits by lawyers against their former clients for unpaid fees are more than simple collections actions. Attorneys need to consider the potential consequences of pursuing former clients for fees before they take the gamble. Invariably, when attorneys sue their clients over fees, the clients look back at the quality of the representation, think of something the attorney could (should) have done differently to obtain a better result and often end up filing a cross-complaint for malpractice. Or, the client files a malpractice action preemptively, to avoid a suit for fees. More ›

Florida man Drives dead body to Lawyer's Office

What are the ethical implications of a client showing up at your office with a dead body in the back of his pick-up truck? It is like the old law school exam question where the client brings the smoking gun to the lawyer's office and the attorney has to decide what to do with it. Here, the lawyer "took the unprecedented step" of allowing the client to speak to sheriff's deputies about the incident to bolster his claim for self-defense.  More ›

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